Chapter 1: Movin' On Up!

  AS SEEN IN THE RIVER JOURNAL -  A City Girl’s Guide to Loving Suburbia: Chapter 1: Movin’ on Up! Hillary Landau  —  March 7, 2019      Photo: Huffington Post So here you are …  in a house, in the suburbs. You ’ re still not quite sure how it happened, but somehow, whether it was your job, your   partner, or your   kids, you were torn from the grip you had on your doorman’s ankles, and now you’re living   with more bedrooms than people, more toilets than tushes, and a y ard that mocks you and your dead house plants. You   know this house was the stuff of someone ’ s dreams, it just wasn ’ t necessarily yours. Perhaps it ’ s the #metoo movement or some other feminist twist, but for me and many of my female clients and friends, the  dream of a white picket fence was not our dream. We didn ’ t want to give up the bustle and vibe of the city, even when sharing a studio with our partner or a one-bedroom with our two kids. In this column, I ’ ll share this city-girl ’ s journey toward lovin